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He posts a picture of your walk in closet (request) 2/5


You and Harry had just moved in together in your new house. While the boys had used all of their time on decorating the living room and your bedroom you had putted all of your clothes into your closet. When you looked at the result you smiled happily. It was amazing. “HAZZA?!” You screamed out of the open door as you heard him walk up the stairs and stopped up in the door frame. “Holy …. Is that all of your clothes?” he asked with his eyes wide open. You nodded as he walked up beside you and found his phone in his pocket. “Would you mind if I took a photo of this?” he asked as he grabbed your hand with his own free one. “No, not at all,” you responded as he snapped the picture and uploaded it on twitter. (x

Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N No this isn’t a store with clothes. It’s my girlfriend’s closet. 


"Honey, where are you?" Liam asked as you were standing frustrated in your closet. Looking after some clothes to wear on your night out with him and the boys. "In here Li," you said as you stepped back a little before you ran a hand through your hair. "Waow… So much clothes and you still don’t know what to wear?" he teased as he quickly snapped a photo of you before you could protest. "It’s so difficaaaaault!" you whined as you threw the pair of shorts back you just found. "I’ll just ask my followers, hold on," he said as he uploaded the photo on twitter and the fans responded what they thought looked pretty. (x)

Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N help my gf deciding wat 2 weeear :) x


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#8. Preference - he tweets a photo of you and your baby (request)


You and your newborn daughter Darcy had just arrived back home from the hospital and you were really tired and felt like your eyes were falling out of your head. You lay on the couch with her on your stomach while Harry sat beside you and looked down at his two princesses there both drifted of really quickly. That view made him tear up so he took a picture of it and uploaded it to twitter: @Harry_Styles: It’s wonderful to have my two girls back at home :) xx Sleepy much? @Y/T/N

@(Y/T/N): @Harry_Styles I gave birth to our daughter less than 48 hours ago, it’s okay to be tired… Love you 


Your son didn’t want to sleep and was crying ALL the time. That’s why you took him over in you and Liam’s bed and lay down beside him. He stopped crying after a while and when you softly started singing for him his eyes closed. Liam stepped into the bedroom and looked down at you guys with a huge grin. “I think he’s a sleep,” you whispered happily as Liam took out his phone and snapped a photo. @Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N sang our littl bby boy 2 sleep. So sweet! X

@Y/T/N - @Real_Liam_Payne You could have helped me. Your voice is prettier x


You and Niall were both laying on the couch and your daughter was laying on your stomach playing around with some of her toys when your nose caught her attention. She started at it for a long time before she moved closer and closer. Niall knew something was up so he found his camera and waited. After a little minute she took hold of your nose and he snapped the photo. @NiallOfficial: Looks like princess2 wants @Y/T/N's nose. Hahahaha

@Y/T/N: @NiallOfficial The cutest girl in the universe x


It was a beautiful day so you decided to take your family(and uncle Harry) out to spend a lovely day in town. You and Louis were sitting with your baby boy in the middle when Harry snapped a photo of you. Knowing that it was your son’s first time out. @Harry_Styles: Looks like @Louis_Tomlinson and @Y/T/N is having a good time with their little miracle :) #uncleharry

@Louis_Tomlinson: - @Harry_Styles @Y/T/N My little family, lovely isn’t it? :) 

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson Wonderful Lou, wonderful x


You were getting your baby girl ready for sleep when you called on Zayn to get out in the bathroom to watch something. “What is it babe?” he asked as he stepped out and you chuckled happily. “Our little baby fell asleep before she got new clothes on,” he thought it was so cute that he asked you to pose so he could upload it to twitter. @zaynmalik: @Y/T/N it’s hard getting clothes on now a days, just ask our little baby boo :) x

@Y/T/N: @zaynmalik our little miracle :) #gottalovebeingmom

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jessrenae1d → I absolutely love your preferences! :) xx

Awww thanks babe! :) x

#7 preference. Something from your phone convo(text)







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#6 preference. Your reaction after you guys broke up - continued(he wants a second chance). 5/5

It was only a few hours after yours and Zayns break-up. It all happened because of one simple fight. You guys were yelling at each other, saying some stupid things but it all ended up when he said that he didn’t want you anymore. You had stormed directly into your bedroom and shut the door behind you. You and Zayn had been a couple for two years. You just recently moved in together in your apartment, so you were actually just waiting for him to leave. You were laying in your bed with his jacket around you while you were sobbing into your pillow. You couldn’t believe that he didn’t want to be with you anymore. You couldn’t believe that it was over. 

After what seemed like ages you heard a soft knock on the door. “Y/N?” Zayns voice made it clear to you that he never left the apartment, but you were to angry and to upset to talk about it now.

"No I won’t…" he opened the door but you didn’t really pay any attention to him. You were sure that if you opened your mouth then you would just break down, and you wouldn’t let him watch you like that. "I’m really sorry Y/N" he said as he lay down beside you, forced you to look at him. "Are you okay?" there was a long moment before you answered him.

He sighed loudly before he gently stroked over your hair. You felt the butterflies in your stomach, your cheeks getting their colour back, and your eyes light up a little again. You couldn’t do anything but stare into his eyes and slowly close them.

"What are you afraid of?" you asked behind closed eyes. "I was afraid that you would leave me…" you opened your eyes again. "But.. You were the one who said that you didn’t want me anymore?" a little smile started showing on his lips. "It was just empty words babe. I love you. More than anything," now he was the one who closed his eyes. And soon enough you were drifting of too.

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#6 preference. Your reaction after you guys broke up - continued(he wants a second chance). 4/5

It was three weeks after Niall broke up with you, and now he had asked you out. He said on the phone that he wanted to talk about everything and you figured that he deserved to explain why he all of the sudden wanted to break up. It came as a shock to you, and you had been more than less crying all the time ever since. Niall was your soulmate, but since he left you - you had been unsure about the fact that love could last. 

You arrived at the location and found him sitting at a table in the corner of the restaurant. “Y/N, it’s good to see you,” he said as he gave you an awkward hug and you  sat down in front of him. 

After a while he looked over at you, tears started forming in his eyes. “I really miss you Y/N. I want you to give me a second chance so I can prove to you that I love you more than my own life..” you placed your fork at the table and cleared your throat. “If you really love me, then I think you should show me instead..” your voice was harsh but you felt like crap inside. You hated this more than anything.. 

Those words made you speechless. Or, to say it clear. They made you angry. You loved him more than anything in the whole world. Wanted to be with him and nobody else, and then he said that it was because he loved you, that he broke up with you.

"Falling for what you’re saying to me Niall, because it can’t be the truth! You can’t just leave me because you love me, it makes no sense at all!" he lifted his head a little, showed a single tear there was rolling down his cheek. "But I regret it. I want to be with you. I want you to give me another chance so I prove to you, that I’m the one for you…" you took a deep breath before you started speaking

A smile started appearing on his face. “I know it’s possible. I can see us together, picture us together in the future, having kids, getting married, grow old. All of that, you and me. Forever.” you knew he was telling the truth, and you felt how each one of the things he said was something you wanted too. You lifted yourself up from your chair and searched to the other side of the table to him 

"I love you Niall." - "I love you too Y/N"

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#6 preference. Your reaction after you guys broke up - continued(he wants a second chance). 3/5

It was almost a month after you and Louis break-up, and tonight where the first time you were going to meet him since it happened. It was Niall’s birthday, so even though you really wanted to cancel you just couldn’t. He was still one of your best friends. While you were fixing your hair you thought about what happened between you and Louis once again. It came as a shock when he broke-up with you, and even more when there - one week later - were pictures of him and another girl all over the magazines. You could feel the pain his ex-girlfriends had been though when he left them for another girl now, and you felt like shit for putting Eleanor in that situation. 

When you arrived to the boys flat and saw all the people you felt a little bit relieved. You thought it was a small party, so the chance of meeting Louis all the time seemed to be a little bit smaller. You took a martini from the bar and wandered out in the kitchen where you sat down and looked at your hands. All of the sudden you saw a boy sit down on the chair beside you, and a loud, happy voice there almost made you scream in shock. “Hello Y/N! Good to see you!” you turned your head a little when you saw Louis, before you turned away again, ready to leave, when he grabbed your hand and pulled your back.

His words were on replay inside of your head. What did he thought, that you would hug him, and say that you missed him? Noway. You lifted yourself up once again and started walking towards the door. “Y/N!” he yelled after you, just as you turned around and stood with your front towards him.

There was some awkward silence for a long moment before he pulled himself up as well and bit down on his bottom lip. “I didn’t expect you to move on so fast,” you felt as your eyes fell out of your head. What, you thought. Did he just say that you? No way! “Well.. I’m not the one who moved on to the next, that’s you..” your voice shacked and you felt a single tear made it’s way down your cheek. “What? Y/N I haven’t seen anyone else? Those pictures are fake, like really fake. I just…. I thought you stopped loving me…..”

Your words were true. You loved him, but you felt like you had to hide it, so you didn’t seem weak. It wouldn’t work otherwise. “I miss you..” he said with a little glint of a smile. “I miss you too Lou..” you sighed. Knowing that it was the whole truth. “So.. Can you give me another chance?” - “Only if you promise not to find someone else..” after you said that he pulled you in for a long hug.

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#6 preference. Your reaction after you guys broke up - continued(he wants a second chance). 2/5

It had been two weeks since you and Liam broke up, and you had finally decided to go out of your building. You wanted to go to starbucks a few blocks from your house and then go straight home afterwards. You didn’t want to take the risk and talk with some of your friends on the way, because you know that you weren’t ready to talk about your break-up yet. It was Liam who broke up with you, because he said that he felt like you were to good to him, and he was being selfish if he didn’t stop the relationship. But even though Liam said you deserved better, then you didn’t want any better. It was only him, and that was why you kept on wishing, that he would come back to you. 

You opened the door into the starbucks café and ordered. While you waited you were about to sit down, when someone suddenly poked you on the shoulder. “Y/N?” a familiar voice said and you felt how your entire body stopped moving. “Liam?” you said with a little glint of nervousness in your voice. You were afraid that you would’ve started crying.

You felt your heart melt and your cheeks turn out red as the words escaped from his mouth. “Not that you don’t look beautiful any other day, ‘Cause you do!” he said with a smile as he lifted his hands as if he was afraid you were hurt by his words. “Thanks Liam… You look good yourself,” you said with a soft but still nervous smile. You didn’t know what to do, or what to say to him, so you just looked at him, without really making that big a deal out of it.

"So.. we haven’t talked since… Yea… How are you doing lately?" he asked as he folded his arms across his chest. Did he actually want to talk about this, you thought. Did he really want to know how you had been feeling? 

The words just seems to slip of your lips before you could stop them. He looked at you for a long moment before you saw the sudden pain in his eyes. The pain there’s called guilt. “It’s my fault, isn’t it?” he said with such a low voice, that you almost couldn’t hear it. “Liam why can’t you just accept the fact that I love you, and I don’t want anyone other than you?” you asked with a little spark of hope in your eyes. You wanted to let him know that. You wanted him to know that you loved him.

- Sometime.. Again… You know..” he said with a little nervous laughter. You knew it was difficult for him, because he still wanted you to find someone better, but you also knew that he was the one, and you didn’t want anybody else. “Let’s just skip that part and let’s continue from where we ended up last time instead,” you said with a smirk as you saw him reach out his hand. “That sounds like a good plan..” 

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#6 preference. Your reaction after you guys broke up - continued(he wants a second chance). 1/5

You were sitting in your living room where you were eating popcorn, while the thunder was lightning up outside your window. It was four days since you and Harry broke up, and you had been more than less stuck in your couch without talking to anyone. With the notebook on your television and tissues to your eyes you were thinking of how much you missed him, and how much you wished he never left you. It had been easier, he said. It would hurt less because of all the touring he had to do. What a jerk, you thought. How could he possible think, that leaving you would make it all easier? It only made it so much harder. A soft knock on the door made you put the movie on stand-by and wrap your cardigan closer around you. The clock wasn’t many so it could be anyone. “I don’t wanna talk with anyon-” you didn’t finish your sentence as you saw who was standing in front of you. Nobody other than Harry Styles.

his sudden words made you forget anything you had prepared to do in your head. You wanted to shut the door in his face. Yell at him for being selfish. Threw all of his things he ever left in your apartment on him. But you couldn’t. “What?” you asked with a mixed expression as you thought you heard wrong. He just didn’t said, what you thought he said. Did he? “I miss you Y/N,” he said again, this time even more serious and relaxed than the first time. You felt how the tears started forming in your eyes, and your voice started shaking as you opened your mouth. You wanted to forgive him, but there was something he had to know.

he didn’t say anything at first. But just stood there and looked at you with those irresistible eyes of his. “I know that I hurt you. I know that I’ve been a jerk, and I know that you hate me forever. But I also know that you’re feeling just as lonely as I do..” you lifted your eyebrows a little “how do you know that?” you asked with an suspicious voice, when he started giggling softly. “Because it’s Friday night and you’re sitting at home in my old shirt with your sweatpants and the notebook on the TV. Nobody’s doing that unless they’re lonely,” you wanted to say something back, but you realized that all he said was true. “You’re right…” you said with a sigh as a little smile started to appear on your lips. 

There was silence between the two of you for a long moment before Harry cleared his throat.. “Sooooooo -“

You couldn’t help but giggle of his awkward question as you looked up at him while you bit your underlip. You knew he wasn’t totally forgiven, but you also knew that you couldn’t live without him for as much as a minute longer. That was your final thoughts before you stepped out, and closed the door behind you.

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